Yoga Should Make You FEEL BETTER

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For decades, yoga in the west has been taught in a way that asks people to conform their bodies to a prescribed practice originally designed for just one population—young men.  No wonder the rest of us often experience injuries with this approach! Instead, we at Feel Better Yoga strive to make every practice feel better for every body by adjusting the practice to fit our natural physiology.  

Experience and background includes: Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Practitioner and two decades of study in anatomy and physiology. All this experience means that we offer you teaching that goes directly to the fundamentals of how the body moves and functions. Certifications include: ERYT500 • Certified Yoga Therapist • Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner • YACEP Continuing Education Provider • 15,000 teaching hours • 5000 hours of training

Our philosophy: yoga isn’t about making people look a certain way, it’s about making them feel a certain way.  Namely, better!

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