Teacher Training Calendar-Denver-Rishi’s Community 2019 


Facilitators: Karen Quinn-Jamie Hermansen

  • January 4-6   Ujjayi Pranayama, Finding your balance-the balance system and balancing poses. Aligning with the muscles to avoid injury.

  • January 25-27 Nadi Shodana, Folding Forward and Bending Back-creating sustainable movements for the spine using traditional asana

  • February 8-10   Kapalabhati. Twisting and side bending-double twists and their effect on the spine. Expanding into release and relief. Warrior series, making the asana fit the body.

unit 3 - SEQUENCING, ENERGETIC BODY, communicating

  • February 22-24 Sequencing putting it together, Yoga to Access the Spiritual Heart: Mantra/Chanting as Vibrational Therapy: Melissa Grey

  • March 8-10   Energies of the body and spirit: Chakras, Vayus, Gunas, Mudras, Nadis: Annette Moltzen

  • March 22-24 . Ethics and business of teaching yoga, Communications skills, Meditation, Karen Quinn, Nancy Markow

Weekend Classes in Special Areas of Study

Subjects include Yoga Nidra, Pre and Postpartum Yoga, Ayurveda and more-dates to be announced