Teacher Training Calendar-Yoga Center Carmel 2019

Module C: SEQUENCING, ENERGETIC BODY, communicating

  • March 1-3  Sequencing putting it together, Yoga to Access the Spiritual Heart: Mantra/Chanting as Vibrational Therapy

    Facilitator: Jackie Pelosi

  • March 15-17  Energies of the body and spirit: Chakras, Vayus, Gunas, Mudras, Nadis

    Facilitators: Krystle Dawn Truncale, Djunga Lockwood

  • March 29-31  Ethics and business of teaching yoga, Communications skills, Meditation, Koshas

    Facilitators: Tanish Peelgrane, Isabel Fleury, Shannon Snapp

Module D: Delving deeper, The many tools of yoga for healing

  • April 12-14  Yoga Nidra-Yoga Sleep mining the subconscious, Restorative Yoga-teaching support, release and renewal

    Facilitators: Karen Quinn, Katherine Stoddard

  • April 26-28  Chair Yoga, Adapting the practice, Yoga for Back Injury

    Facilitators: Gina Puccinelli, Erika Geiser

  • May 17-19  Ayurveda-Science of life.  Using food as medicine.  Cleansing, eating for the season, finding your Dosha

    Facilitator: Karen Quinn


Facilitator: Karen Quinn

  • Ujjayi Pranayama, Finding your balance-the balance system and balancing poses. Aligning with the muscles to avoid injury.

  • Nadi Shodana, Folding Forward and Bending Back-creating sustainable movements for the spine using traditional asana

  • Kapalabhati. Twisting and side bending-double twists and their effect on the spine. Expanding into release and relief. Warrior series, making the asana fit the body.

Take Units sequentially or in any order that works for you! Students seeking registry with Yoga Alliance have 2 years to take 3 modules (Anatomy, Asana and Subtle Body) for 200 level training. 300 level training requires completion of all 4 modules.

Just want to take a weekend or more of study on a particular area of interest? Register through our Thrive and Grow Immersion page-an opportunity to expand your personal awareness of this amazing practice.