Ayurveda Cleansing & Yoga Retreat Costa Rica

May 4-11, 2019

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Yoga Aryuvedic Cleanse in beautiful Costa Rica

Enjoy  7 nights to de-stress as you are gently guided through the ancient healing techniques of Ayurveda and Yoga- cleansing and renewing on every level.  Nourish your body with a healthy cleanse, organic foods designed to rejuvenate digestion and rekindle your health.  Drift into deeper consciousness with daily meditation and yoga nidra.  Discover the power of pausing, releasing and unveiling your essence, your true nature

This unforgettable trip includes:

  • Delicious organic, fresh meals based on ayurvedic cleansing principles, prepared by the incredible chef at Pura Vida

  • Twice daily yoga classes specifically designed to use movement, breath and meditation to free our long held patterns of imbalance-this includes yoga nidra

  • Hassle-free airport pickup and drop off-no matter what time your flight arrives and departs

  • Workshops focused on purifying the inner being, Ayurveda and cultivating self-acceptance.

  • 7 nights lodging at the beautiful Pura Vida Spa in Alajuela, Costa Rica

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On a mountainside overlooking Costa Rica’s tropical and lush central valley, surrounded by song birds, blooming flowers and relaxing rain showers,  the Pura Vida Resort offers world class accommodations with private open air rooms and incredible scenery.  

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* All Rates are per person Double/Single Occupancy

Not pictured:  Upper Kiva$2044/$2463

Ayurvedic Cleansing Food for Spring

Our Ayurvedic cleansing retreat offers a delicious way to cleanse, heal and balance.  All meals are created with fresh organic ingredients and are  free of gluten, dairy, meats, and added sugar.  You will be nourished and your cravings satisfied.  

Enjoy freshly made juices, wheatgrass shots, coconuts, turmeric tonics and a variety of freshly picked, local tropical fruits.  

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Your Typical Day

Picture yourself surrounded by the colors, warmth and beauty of lush Costa Rica.  Start your morning with a pranayama (breathing) and meditation class.  The first yoga class of day will take you on a journey of movement that is both therapeutic and refreshing.  Enjoy  a leisurely breakfast of with fresh, organic foods.  After breakfast, the choice of how you spend the day is completely up to you!

You might decide stroll through the adjacent coffee plantation, read a book or take time to journal. Perhaps a day excursion to zipline through the jungle,  explore hanging bridges or white water rafting will fulfill your desires.  It’s all about you!

Lunch brings more tasty options for healthy eating.  After lunch, find a hammock or recline by the pool, indulge in a spa or ayurvedic body treatment.   Afternoons bring choices of workshops and wonderful yoga nidra/restorative yoga.

Additionally, you’ll receive a cleanse booklet which outlines all of the daily self-care practices (dinacharya) that will support your body in a springtime cleanse.  Prior to the retreat, you’ll receive a list of ayurvedic herbs and oils that you can bring with you to assist cleansing at all levels of your being.  Karen Quinn will be available to answer questions prior to the retreat about your personal dosha (constitution) and what will give you the most support on this cleansing journey.

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