Yoga Teacher Training

300/500 - Carmel, CA

There are many good teachers, would you like to become a great one?

Yoga is a vast field of study and 200 hours training is just the beginning. Looking for new ways to lead classes adapted to the unique conditions and needs of each student? Take your teaching skills to a whole new level with our Yoga Teacher Certification 300/500 in Carmel, CA. Learn to effectively adjust your teaching for every body through a detailed look at anatomy, physiology, the subtle body, sequencing, and alternative forms of yoga. Teach safe, smart asana.  Recognize the roots of misalignment and integrate tools that will make you a more mindful, knowledgeable, and effective teacher.

Add to your initial training

Have you already taken a 200 level yoga training course but find that there are areas where you need more information?  This program is available to all who have completed a 200 level training, regardless of where they received their certification. If you’re seeking a shift in perception and awakening of your inner wisdom our Advanced Teacher Training 300 is for you! Delve into the why of asana and breath and explore cueing, sequencing and movement options that enrich your teaching and unlock your innate wisdom . Upon completion, you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 500 (added to your already completed 200 hr training).

A schedule that fits yours

Our 300 hour training is flexible with specific topics that yoga teachers need to teach a vibrant, safe and powerful practice. We begin with advanced teaching techniques including advanced use of props, hands on adjustments and building expertise in reading a variety of bodies to assist movement and breath for any body.

We’ve created a flexible training calendar to meet your needs! If you need to miss more than one weekend of a module, you can make up the weekend when it is offered in the following year. Students in the 300 hour training will be in conjunction with the 200 hour students for the anatomy and asana weekends only. Advanced classes open only to those who have completed a 200 hour training include:

  • Body reading, postural assessment, understanding misalignment in Asana

  • Use props effectively to awaken ability and alignment

  • Cueing for alignment: effective languaging for maximum opening

  • Understanding pain and working the injured body

  • Create inspired classes using mudra, mantra and chakras

  • Advanced sequencing to empower and strengthen

  • Pranayama with asana for specific outcomes

  • Ayurveda and asana-creating classes to move with the rhythm of the seasons

  • Ayurveda-the art of self-care in daily life

  • Common Yoga injuries and how to avoid them

  • Yoga for the wisdom time of life-yoga and healthy aging

There are also options to take a day or weekend for Yoga Alliance CEU’s (space available)

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Advanced teaching Techniques

Props, Adjustments and Reading the Body (2019) September 28-29

  • Body reading, postural assessment, understanding misalignment in Asana

  • Neuroscience and yoga-the connection of science and spirit

  • Hands on adjustments that provide changes, challenge and safety for students

  • Reading bodies, learning to see how small shifts can free the body and let the mind soar

Unit A-Living Anatomy-Connecting Body and Breath (2019) October 11-13

  • Anatomy of the mind-Yoga sutras

  • History of Yoga-evolution to modern times

  • Bones, Joints, Anatomical Markers, “why” rather than “how.

  • The spine as the foundation of life

Advanced teaching practice: Using props effectively (2019) October 27

  • innovative props to advance and adapt teaching skills

  • Adapting the practice for every Body

  • Using props effectively to create a vibrant practice

  • Pranayama with asana for specific outcomes

Unit A-Living Anatomy-Connecting Body and Breath (2019) November 1-3

  • Anatomy of the hips, legs feet, ankles

  • Reading the body in movement

  • Muscle action-creating foundational understanding of movement

Unit A-Living Anatomy-Connecting Body and Breath (2019) November 15-17

  • Exploring the connections and putting them into practice

  • Anatomy of the breath and the relation to Stress Response

  • Understanding movement

  • Directions of movement, Anatomy of upper body

Advanced teaching practice: (2019) December 7

Yoga Therapy-working with the injured body

  • Understanding the pain response.

  • Neuroscience and yoga-the connection of science and spirit

  • Tapping into body wisdom

Unit B-Asana, Alignment and Awareness through Movement (2020) January 10-12

  • Yoga philosophy in the modern world

  • Forward Folding and Bending Back-

  • Creating movement patterns that are sustainable and strengthening

Advanced Teaching practice: Adjusting with compassion (2020) January 26

  • Hands on adjustments and sequencing to bring the sparkle to your practice

Unit B-Asana, Alignment and Awareness through Movement (2020) January 31, February 1-2

  • Twisting and bending-essential form and cues.

  • Asana with sparkle to embrace the feminine face of yoga

Unit B: Asana, Alignment and Awareness through Movement (2020) February 14-16

  • Balance, movement and strength: integrating the whole body

  • Exploring the psoas – piriformis and sacrum

Advanced Teaching Practice: (2020) March 1

Yoga Therapy for hips, knees and ankles

Injury prevention and relief

Unit C: Sequencing and Energies of the Subtle Body** (2020) March 6-8

  • Sequencing the art and science of putting it all together*

  • Weaving the Gunas into your practice

Unit C: Sequencing and Energies of the Subtle Body** (2020) March 20-22

  • Subtle Energies of the body-chakras, Gunas, Mudras, Koshas, Vayu *

Advanced Teaching practice: (2020) March 29

Creating inspired classes using the chakras, mantra and mudra

Unit C: Sequencing and Energies of the Subtle Body** (2020) April 3-5

  • Meditation to access the deeper self *

  • Ethics, Communication

  • Teaching challenges (timing, cueing, working with students

Advanced teaching practice: Ayurveda and Asana (2020) April 18-19

  • Creating classes with the rhythm of the seasons

  • Ayurveda-the art of self-care with the Science of Life

**300 Hour Students choose at least one (or all three) of these weekends to attend.

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CLass Hours

Class hours: Friday, 6:00-9:00 p.m. Saturday, 12:15-7:00 p.m.  & Sunday, 9:00-a.m.- 5:30 p.m. (includes 9-10:15 asana class)

Practicum:  Students are required to complete 15 hours of practicum to obtain RYT 300 registration

Additional Class Hours:
25 hours of take home assignments
11 hours of Student Teaching
30 Additional Yoga Class Hours or Workshops: These Classes and Workshops must be taken with instructors at Carmel Yoga Center or approved Certified Yoga Instructors in other venues.


  • $3500 if paid in full prior to your training start date. (cash or check only-credit cards not accepted). Checks payable to Yoga Center of Carmel

  • $3700 Installment Plan; 4 payments of $925 each. $925 due with application, 3 additional payments due

    October 27, 2019

    January 26, 2020

    March 1, 2020

  • Single day tuition: $150

  • Weekend only tuition $250

Cancellation Policy: Payment received in full prior to the beginning of training will be refunded less $50 with written cancellation prior to training start date. No refunds for module payments but student can retake the module when it is offered in the next year.

Tuition Includes

  • All classes offered including Sunday asana class on training weekends

  • Practicum offerings throughout the training

  • Eligibility to become a 500hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500) through Yoga Alliance when paired with an existing RYT200 level certificate

  • Tuition does not include required texts. These must be purchased separately.


Karen Quinn, ERYT500, Certified Yoga Therapist, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner is the lead instructor for this training. She brings 18 years and over 14,000 hours of teaching experience to create trainings rich in anatomy, alignment and ahimsa. Her emphasis is on sharing the many tools of yoga therapy that allow students to discover the wonder and ease of this ancient practice.

In addition, we have assembled an incredible group of instructors with years of hands on experience, wisdom and light. They share their knowledge from a place of honorable intention and together weave a training that is rich and compassionate.


Yoga Center of Carmel  Sunset Cultural Center Cottage #18 on 10th Ave. near San Carlos St. Carmel-by-the-Sea Our cottage is located 20 yards northeast of San Carlos St. on 10th Ave in the Sunset Cultural Center. Ample free parking


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